Environmental, Social & Governance Principles

From day one, JOG Capital has always prioritized the establishment and practice of governance standards with the highest sense of fiduciary responsibility. We operate exclusively in Western Canada, an oil and gas jurisdiction that exemplifies world-class regulatory standards.

Canadian governance standards to which publicly-listed resource corporations must adhere set the stage for JOG Capital’s private portfolio companies to meet or exceed those best practices set by their peers.

JOG Capital emphasizes the importance of quality governance at the boards of our portfolio companies and we are influential in setting policies and standards. 


JOG approaches ESG in four ways:

We operate exclusively in Western Canada; an oil and gas jurisdiction that exemplifies world-class regulatory standards.

Our Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Principles


JOG Capital expects all of our portfolio companies to meet and exceed industry standard financial reporting requirements. We are instrumental at the board level stressing financial governance standards and we require properly constituted Audit Committees.

In addition, each portfolio company has a reserves committee which ensures that reserves are evaluated appropriately by independent reserve engineers. 

Health & Safety

Oil and gas companies operating within Canada must adhere to health and safety standards as mandated by federal and provincial law. All JOG Capital portfolio companies also have their own specific Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies in place and continually update them as regulations change. 

JOG Capital also has an HSE policy which outlines the standards we expect regarding the health and safety of all employees, contractors and the general public at portfolio companies. Where JOG Capital has board representation, a quarterly HSE checklist is completed by portfolio companies to provide updates on relevant HSE matters.


JOG Capital portfolio companies adhere to all environmental standards, directives and guidelines as set by federal and provincial law. JOG Capital believes that it is good business practice to consider the concerns of all stakeholders which could be affected by operations from portfolio companies. 

Environmental concerns and issues are addressed within the HSE Committee at the board of each of JOG Capital’s portfolio companies. 


We have always placed a high priority on governance at all levels. For long-term success, reputation is critical and JOG Capital takes a strong view to ensure that ethical, legal and operating standards are exceeded.